Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Glove

Goalkeeper Glove Review Uhlsport Ergonomic AbsolutgripProduct Introduction:

Best Goalkeeper gloves have become a necessity to this day. These days, the direction of the ball is quite unpredictable hence to make a sudden contact to it with full force needs specialized skill and excellent gloves. Uhlsport introduces a wide range of the best and customized goalkeeper gloves just like the Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves. These gloves have a brilliant grip that offers a dazzling performance in saving the soccer ball. These gloves are the perfect ones for a customer looking for wide cut glove with a classic design and exclusive ABSOLUTGRIP palm base. The front side of the gloves is made of high quality latex which provides a good grip all over. The design is archetypal with a broader base to provide comfort during intense actions. The ergonomic shape gives the user a whole new experience of perfection and ease. The strap is one of a kind with a traditional full bandage made of latex. The fastener is provided with a loop and a hook as well that helps in hanging the gloves properly.

Product Details:

The design of the new Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves holds the traditional and patent Uhlsport trademark with modified grip. The shape is almost the same as the previous ranges but the finger designs are bit different than the former ones. The gloves have a flat palm with wider fingertips latex just to offer flawless performance. The finger rolls are actually designed out of a smart mesh that is finds extensive use to these days in making sports gloves. This mesh material helps to keep the hands off moistening during a session of heavy practice. The small hook at the base is to help in opening the zip as it was a challenging job in earlier cases. The fastener is a perfect amalgamation of protection and relieve as it fits perfectly around the wrist bone. The 6.1 ounce Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Glove provides a tremendous handling skill especially because of the hi-tech soft latex technology. A Shock-zone region features the top of the gloves which helps in boosting the punching potentials. The Shock zone feature is really helpful and it really shows long after the ball is punched away.


Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves: Ergonomic AbsolutgripGet Goalkeeper Gloves offering the advantageous grip due to the new latex- technology and Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves offer what you are looking for. Even when the ground is rough and hard, the latex gives a reassuring performance. It barely rips off, remarking the durability of the latex. The wide latex of the gloves extends up to the wrist and thus provides an improved grip and control over the ball. The improved and wider shape of the palm region helps in greater contact with the ball. This was an innovation of Uhlsport Gloves but presently, many other leading companies are adopting the same feature as well. The fabric of the backhand consists of micro Air Vent which helps the skin underlying to breathe. This was an ideal design that helped to keep the hands cool and off sweats. The upper half of the gloves is made of 3D imprinted latex which retains the shape of the palm during action. It also reduces the possibilities of scuffs at the time of punching or severe contact with the ground. The Shock-zone provides a salient punch feature to the ball.


The features of an Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves are loved by all and they hardly have any flaws or faults. They manufacture a technically perfect range of gloves that can meet almost all the requirements of a goalkeeper. Although the boned shield might appear uncomfortable to some players but it’s worth the price paid for it. A goalkeeper will be really amazed by the on-spot performance of this new Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves.


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