Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip RF

Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Roll FingerProduct Introduction:

Goalkeeper gloves are necessary for the perfect execution of skills of a goalkeeper during a match. The main attraction of a soccer match is to make a goal or save one, here, Uhlsport offers a wide range of Goalkeeper gloves just to make the job easy for a goalkeeper. A Goalkeeper always prefers a pair of gloves with easy grip and effortless actions. You can get the Best Goalkeeper gloves here with a wide variety of collection. The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip RF gloves are specially designed for improved grip and proper thrust on the soccer ball. Uhlsport offers a wide range of fantastically designed goalkeeper gloves that includes common gloves to well-designed and technologically efficient gloves as well. The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Roll-finger gloves are specially designed for advanced grip on the ball with an expanded control over the ball. This product has the typical Cerberus design of Uhlsport that is advanced with Roll-fingers as well as ABSOLUTGRIPPLUS which can eventually absorb the exerted pressure of the ball on the hand.

Product Details:

The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip RF gloves are available in vibrant colors and attractive shape. It is a hybrid of the pedant CERBERUS cut and the Roll-finger feature of the ABSOLUTGRIP. It is further designed for better grip with the facility of absorption of additional impact or pressure. The backing material is made of a good quality fabric that will sit comfortably around the goalkeeper’s hand. The external Roll-fingers are made of hi-tech latex that offers a smooth movement of fingers. Starting out from the palm, the latex it branched around all the fingers to bring up a wider surface. This helps is easy gripping or a ball that is approaching with intense force. The goalkeeper need not worry about the back hand as Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves offer the same latex around the back as well for all-round support. The fastener is designed with a neoprene bandage along with a Latex strap. The wrap around strap is used for maintaining the proper position of the gloves after strapping. More protection is provided on the top from the SHOCKZONE that helps in gripping as well as provides proper impact simultaneously.


Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Rollfinger Goalkeeper Gloves

These goalkeeper gloves are mainly designed to take in the force of an impending ball. Even if the ball is advancing with high velocity, the goalkeeper can easily check it by the help of these gloves. The roll-fingers help the fingers from getting hurt. The Uhlsport Goalkeeper gloves have some salient designs and features that can maintain the perfect posture of the finger improving the goalkeeper’s grip on the ball as well. They are facilitated with breathe fabric which doesn’t moisten the hands easily. The hands remain dry and agile throughout the 90 minutes of a game. These gloves are helpful to pro players as well as amateurs, who are new on the field.


The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Roll-finger gloves are highly recommended to use because it provides perfect grip and control over a ball. The only drawback with these gloves is that they need to be washed after every use to attain the best grip. It is also noticed that the foam from the top rips off after a few uses but that does not effect the performance of the goalkeeper.


These relaxing gloves are used by some of the well-known footballers of the world such as Michel Vorm representing Tottenham and Netherlands, Hugo Lloris of France and even Samir Handanovic of Inter Milan FC. Get Goalkeeper Gloves at a discounted pricing, check the website for more details.


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