Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Glove

Goalkeeper Glove: Select 99 HAND GUARDProduct Introduction:

Goalkeeper gloves have become a necessity these days and many companies are producing the best goalkeeper gloves to meet the needs of an able goalkeeper. Select is one of the leading brands producing high quality goal-keeper gloves to meet the increasing demands of hi-tech goalkeeper gloves. Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Gloves are the latest quality goalkeeper gloves introduced for better performance of the goalkeepers. During regular practice, Select gloves are highly recommended from amateurs to pro players. The company uses the superior quality German latex for all its products. Thus players experience a natural comfort using these new Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Gloves.

Product Details:

Select goalkeeper gloves use the latest technology of Anatomical Slim Fit Method which is specially designed for perfect fitting. Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Glove In most cases, the edges do not sit comfortably on the hand, but Select Goalkeeper Gloves have kept this problem in mind and the new Select 99 Hand Guard goalkeeper gloves fit brilliantly on the player, especially along the edges of the hand. For proper ventilation, the Select goalkeeper gloves are designed with minute pores on the palm surface that helps the hand underneath to breathe through. This reduces the sweating of hands and keeps the hand cool and comfortable for a long time. The fingers are also provided with micro Air- openings so that they do not moisten during a 90 minute performance. The new Select 99 Hand Guards are designed from the best quality German latex that is useful for proper grip and can be adapted by any weather condition. The uniqueness of the spongy latex provides a good grab on the ball, having heavy impact. The underlying fabric of the gloves makes it easy for the goalkeeper to move his palm and fingers in accordance. The fabric runs all over the gloves, including the fingers, to provide itinerancy to the fingers even when the player is tired. The Select 99 Hand Guard is available with a set of replaceable splints as well.


The best part of a Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Gloves is that it is possible to replace the finger protections. So even if the finger guard wear away, the user need not worry as they can be replaced by new ones. The standard supports for the fingers are packed individually hence, each finger can be separately inserted as per the need of the goalkeeper. The German latex prevents the gloves from wearing away easily, signifying its durability and quality.


The Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Gloves are available in two colors, white and black with golden lining. The external design is very tacky and eye-catchy so some users might find it too loud. The gloves are undoubtedly made of good quality latex but they are not too flexible and cannot be easily bent. At times, it hurts the backhand as well while trying to block a ball, with forceful impact. After regular and frequent use, the stitches might come out from the side of the palm, exposing the bare corner of the hand. The padding along the edge slowly rips off if roughly used for a long time. In some cases, the finger tips have opened up exposing it to the ball. So it’s recommended to buy a pair, of a size bigger than your actual ones.


The Select goalkeeper gloves have the best quality support that backs each finger separately. Select introduces a new product, the Select 99 Hand Guard goalkeeper gloves which are specially designed for professionals. Get Goalkeeper Gloves having the Select fabrics which are specially designed to provide proper protection to fingers during matches as well.


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