Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalie Gloves BLACK WPURPLE

Select 33 All Round Goalie GloveProduct Introduction:

Goalkeeper gloves have become a necessity in these days of increased competition. The goalkeepers have become selective and demanding regarding their choice of gloves. They demand to get goalkeeper gloves of the best quality with the best features available. Be it a serious match or a regular practice, pro goalkeepers never compromise with the quality of goalkeeper gloves they use for their purpose. Select introduces the new special, Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalie Gloves that can be used in all weather conditions. These gloves are selectively made with high quality latex and wonderful foam. These gloves have a trendy look with a combination of the three colors white, purple and black. These are mainly designed for efficient players and are available in sizes from 8 to 11. The goalkeeper can choose from these sizes to see the best fit for themselves.

Product Details:

The Select 33 All Round Goalkeeper Gloves are crafted to provide comfort to the player and are listed among the best goalkeeper gloves. The palm is made of SF/C2 durable foam. The surface is black in color and provides an extended grip over the ball. The flat cut of the lateral surface makes it easier for the goalie to hold the ball instantly, overcoming its pace or impact. There are flexible finger spines packed within the finger sockets. These artificial finger rods are non-removable and provide a hyper-extended protection. In case of balls approaching with high impact are stopped with hands, the fingers are likely to bend back, this is the time when the rods support the movement of the fingers maintaining the proper posture of the fingers as well as the thumb. The agility of a player is modified due to the plastic finger support that runs upto the tip of the finger. They just settle perfectly on the fingers when bent with ease. The finger rods are quite comfortable and do not bother the wrist or the fingers while practicing. The wrist strap is expandable and can be fitted according to the diameter of the wrist. The Velcro on the wrist fastener is provided with good quality Velcro that remains intact and in the same position even after a 90 minutes match.


The Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves provide an all round support to the keeper. They appear quite big and therefore fit perfectly on the hands. There are individual plastic rods or spines to support each finger and its flexibility. These Select Goalkeeper Gloves are designed to use in almost all weather condition so a player can use them during a rainy season with full confidence. Along with the gloves a similar keychain with a miniature replica of the gloves is also available for free. The plastic bone is quite comfortable and don’t bother a player unless they are smaller than the expected size. Otherwise, the inner space is so drudgery that one can slide in a thin pair of gloves along with the Select 33 All Round Goalkeeper Gloves during winters as well!


The Select 33 All Round Goalkeeper gloves can last for about 10 games along with practice included. There can be no questions raised regarding the durability of these Select Goalkeeper Gloves. But the latex on the palm foam starts to scrape first. The finger latex is expected to be stickier but they seem to become legit after three or four matches. Many find them disturbing as they say it digs into their hands but this can be avoided by buying the perfect size of gloves instead of a size bigger.


The new Select 33 All Round Goalkeeper gloves provide an excellent grip at the palm, due to presence of the dura latex. The foam at the base of the palm is extremely soft and cozy. The grip provided by this product is undoubtedly the best still it can be further enhanced by watering the surface of the palm just before the match. Then it needs to be cleaned, immediately after the practice session of the match gets over.


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