Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Glove (BlackGreen, Size 5)

Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper GloveProduct Introduction:

“Perfection is the ultimate key to success”- this easy saying is followed almost by everyone these days. Even in the case of sports, every player has got the urge of being the best. Similarly it’s the duty of the sports goods companies to produce the best quality products for them. Select is one of the leading companies in producing the best quality goalkeeper gloves. For decades, Select has been offering durable, smooth and catchy Goalkeeper gloves to the players all over the world. Now-a-days, young players are also interested into soccer and keeping their growing interest in view, Select has introduced its new product, the Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Gloves. These unisex gloves are mainly meant for youngsters and come in sizes from 5-8. Young players need to practice hard and the Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Gloves are the perfect companion for their regular practice.

Product Details:

The Hard Ground goalkeeper gloves from Select are mainly featured for young and uprising players. The base of the palm is made of cortex foam that roughly spreads all over the palm surface. These are made of uneven cortex so that they can be used even on turf and coarse ground surface. These gloves last for long as they are made of special foam that provides enhanced protection against rough and ruffled surface. Although these Select Goalkeeper gloves are mainly designed for regular practice, they can also be used during matches as well. They have an extraordinary grip on the ball especially due to the cortex on the surface of the palm. The gloves are designed with expanded flat cut for proper fitting and confinement to a particular position. The Select takes care of the finger protection as well. The child gloves are designed keeping in views that their fingers don’t get harmed and retain the perfect posture even while playing roughly. They can assure exceptional performance in any topographical condition.


Select has emphasized on the design and grip of these new Select 03 Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves. The even cut of the gloves helps in better performance of the young players. These one of the best goalkeeper gloves are designed for use at both practice and matches. They offer a strong and guarded protection even while sliding on coarse grounds. They are featured to use during sliding against uneven surface. The best quality foam protects the backhand and contributes to developed performance. The Select Goalkeeper gloves are available in a variety of sizes ranging from size 5 to size 8. Therefore one can choose the perfect size to fit their child properly. The Select 03 Hard Ground goalkeeper gloves are designed for both boys and girls so this unisex feature inspires many young female players as well. The high intensity backhand has a featuring anatomical shape to fit with ease.


The Select 03 Hard Ground goalkeepers gloves are specially designed for children to play of rugged terrain but the longevity of the gloves are highly questioned. The foam wears away after a match or two. In many cases, the stitches are seen to come out just after a month’s use. The fastener loosens after being used for a week or so. The fingers are protected by specialized finger spines but the packing of the foam comes out revealing the tips of the finger. The finger spines are made of plastic as a result can be uncomfortable at times.


The Select Sports Junior Range has got many attractive collections to impress children. The designs are crafted to inspire a child and make him/her further devoted to the particular sport. Get Goalkeeper Gloves for boys and girls as they are unisex goalie gloves, thus inspiring females as well.


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