Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Tec Goalie Glove

Goalie Glove: Reusch Magno Deluxe M1Product Introduction:

Reusch had been the leading brand of goalkeeper gloves ever since 1974, when the company designed its first and one of the best goalkeeper gloves. Their products are popular all over the world because of their special cut along with easy fit and hi-tech foam. The latest micro-porous M1 foam is crafted specially for long term use in almost all conditions. It has the latest foam with Shock Control technology. The product is provided with latest MMS or Moist Management System as well as Ultra Violet protectors and Anti- Microbial featured just to keep the goalkeeper healthy and comfortable for the session. Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Tec Goalie Gloves are the perfect choice for a goalkeeper from all aspects.

Product Details:

The 1 pound Magno Deluxe Ortho Tec Goalie Gloves is featured with the latest mega foam technology, M1. This is by far the most comfortable and softest foam, offered by Reusch for perfect gripping. It is further equipped with Rolled spread Cut ESS that acts as the wrist strap. The strap has broader latex with bandage and the fabric allows writing name and number on it. On the backhand, the goalkeeper gloves are crafted with the best quality SG foam which also has Portable Ortho-Tec finger as well as thumb guard. The Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 is lined with foam along the side just to make the hand work flexible during breakpoints. The gloves provide comfortable fit to the goalkeepers especially due to the expandable P.U at the back. The modern Pro-Flex Technology of Reusch goalkeeper gloves offer the player brilliant flexibility which results in incredible performance.


The Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Tec Goalie Gloves has many striking features that can excel the performance of a goalkeeper. The gloves have advanced Shock-shield that helps in controlling the impact of an impending soccer ball. They provide excellent flexibility due to the latest trend of Pro Flex. They are the perfect choice for a long term practise as the lower surface is provided with micro Air Vent that restrains the hands from moistening during a match. It has also got Dura-guard ergonomic palm decoration that gives the Reusch gloves an attractive look. The new Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 has got featuring benefits for the thumb as well. It has a rolled thumb with modern thumb-flex that enhances the performance of the thumb as well. The gloves are entirely made of ultra soft foam which gives the backhand a special ease and comfort. Reusch is very particular about the flexibility and durability of their products hence they use the best quality Pro-Flex technology for their products.


The Reusch Goalkeeper gloves are undoubtedly the best but few customers might find them to be overpriced. The latex from the outer surface might wear away after regular and a few consecutive uses. The powerful grip can hardly be tampered and after regular use for a month, it can be washed to get back the same flexibility for the next round of use. Still the performance of the gloves is worth spending over a hundred dollars for them.


Get Goalkeeper Gloves by Reusch who are globally famous for making technologically advanced goalkeeper gloves. The company has a fetish for coming up with new range of goalkeeper gloves for the perfectionists. They provide a good finger protection as the Ortho Tec acts as a stylish yet extensive thumb and finger guard. Brazilian goal-keeper Julio Caesar is also an avid user of Reusch goalkeeper gloves. Reusch traditionally transforms experience and knowledge from past years to present day. The customary products when infused with modern technology leads to a successful development.


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