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Reusch Goalkeeper GlovesProduct Introduction:

Reusch had a trusted name in the field of producing quality goalkeeper gloves ever since 1974. Reusch had been the leading goalkeeper gloves producer since it had manufactured its first goalkeeper gloves. The first Reusch goalie gloves were designed by Karl Reusch in his workshop at Metzingen. Today, Reusch produces the finest quality goalkeeper gloves with specialized designs crafted out of the best foam in the world. The new Reusch goalkeeper gloves are made of synthetic latex at the palm which makes it smooth and gives a tactful performance. A thin layer of malleable PVC guards the backhand which makes it flexible at different breakpoints. The Reusch Keon Goalie is featured with V-shaped latch that fits perfectly around the wrist. The elastic fastener has a loop like hook for hanging after wash.

Product Details:

Reusch Goalkeeper gloves are made of EFT materials hence provide a better grip than any other product. The gloves use Pro-Flex technology for better flexibility while bending hands and individual fingers. The pull loop along the fastener helps to easily pull open the gloves. Goalkeepers find a Reusch Keon Goalie important because of the Air pores or micro- vents that help them to keep their hands cool and dry during a match. They are featured with the good quality M1 foam that helps in super grip and ultra flexibility. The palm grip is unique and helps to contact instantly with the impact. The ordinary lock strap is positioned with Ortho-Tec flexibility that supports the position of the fingers as well as the thumb. This ESS designed anatomically for perfect shaping is known for the brand, Reusch.


The creative Moist Management System or MMS of Reusch makes these Reusch Keon gloves goalkeepers’ favorite. The UV protection layer along with the microbial features helps a goalkeeper retain his comfort throughout the match. The synthetic or artificial latex, used for palm provides an extraordinary comfort and ease to the goalkeeper. At Reusch, one can get goalkeeper gloves with modern Ortho-Tec feature for the thumb and individual fingers. The Reusch Keon Gloves are lithe than any other gloves due to presence of the PVC on the backhand. The V-indented fastener provides tight grip around the wrist throughout the match. The latest expanse cut has a modified thumb roll with a deeper notch. This is located on the frontal side of the gloves that has a stretchable portion just below the superior foam. This feature is solely used to discard the torn out thumb-flex.


Undoubtedly, the Reusch Keon gloves offer you awesome flexibility but the grip on the ball is next to zero. Many players have tried to spike or ruffle the palm surface still it didn’t manage to give proper grip to the impact. Sometimes moistening the gloves surface can make it work smoothly as well but in case of Reusch Keon Gloves, water makes no difference. Although it has a wonderful padding, still the fitting is not up to the mark hence many prefer to use it only for training purpose. The stitches at the wrist rip off after a few practices. The wrist goes exposed in the middle of a match. So the darn is comparatively poorer than the other products of Reusch.


The Reusch Keon M1 preferred for being the best Goalkeeper gloves are endowed with several specified features such as Ortho-Tec for fingers and removable and flexible spines within the socket for the fingers. Thus these help a keeper in many ways and thus can be termed a resourceful pair of gloves. It has removable zip and many more features just to meet the purpose of a goalkeeper.


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