Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves

Reusch Argos Pro Sg Ortho-tec Gloves: ReviewProduct Introduction:

Reusch had been a trusted name in manufacturing goalkeeper gloves ever since 1974. The company provides a wide range of premium goalkeeper gloves such as the Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves. The company is globally known for producing featured goalkeeper gloves designed from exuberant foam that smoothly fits on the player’s hand. Their foam ranges from the best quality G1 series to budget friendly X1 foam as well. The goalkeeper had been getting discreet control over the ball ever since the introduction of Duo Mega foam. The latest Ortho-Tec feature is liked by all leading users as it provides a comfortable support to the thumb and fingers.

Product Details:

The player experiences a natural touch of the soft foam underlying the palm. The tight packing of foam gives a strong grip and immense flexibility to the player while saving the ball. There is further protection offered by the Ortho-Tec technology as it is known for its expanded cut. The Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec has featuring thumb rolls and a notch with flexible thumb foam. The new Reusch goalkeeper gloves have a latest Pull Loop technology that keeps the position of the gloves intact even during the play. The Ortho-Tec technology offers a wonderful finger and thumb support to the user even severe impact of the soccer ball. Reusch is the best choice if the goalkeeper is looking for an advanced finger protection. The palm or base has micro Air-Vent that helps to keep the hand cool and reduce excess sweat. The Soft Grip foam closure maintains the stature of the wrist to hand and hardly affects the hand during play. The fastener is adjustable hence it is a plus point and an added feature. The gloves have a unique color combination where one palm is denoted green and the other is denoted with red.


The Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves are to provide the goalkeepers a likely feel of strong grab along with unbelievable flexibility. The Ortho-Tec is a new feature that gives additional support to the player and retains the same posture of the hand for a long time. Pro goalkeepers will find the new Reusch Goalie gloves very useful as they help in long term practice. The manufacturers use synthetic latex, naturally obtained to provide the extraordinary smooth performance and comfort. The back hand of these goalkeeper gloves is well designed to attract a player.


These gloves are the best goalkeeper gloves when you are looking for a solid and secure grip which prevents severe injury. These gloves are crafted out of sophisticated foam hence cannot be used under all weather conditions, especially during rain. They might wear away if continuously used under unfavourable weather. In many cases, the materials from the palm wear away quickly, which puts a question mark on the longevity of these latest Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves. The gloves cannot bear with excess sliding and the logo slowly fades and wears away with regular glides.


The latest series of Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves have advanced technology features that help in crafting a perfectionist. With advancement of latest expertise in the fields of goalkeeper gloves, Reusch focuses on bringing together the modern techniques with the traditional aspects of goal-keeping. Reusch is a brand conscious product that never compromises with the material they provide for their products. Reusch has a perfect marketing team that updates the latest trend, analyse the market condition before introducing a product to its customers. Reusch has undoubtedly gifted the world with some of the best goalkeeper gloves and is inspiring many as well. If you are thinking to get Goalkeeper Gloves that offer the best features, then this product proves to be an ideal choice for you.


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