NIKE Youth GK Jr. Grip Goalkeeper GlovesProduct Introduction:

The growing craze for soccer, all over the world has drawn many children to this game. Kids portray themselves as famous players like Neymar or Messi, as a result they regularly attend soccer training and practices. When they dream to be a footballer, their parents must make the right choice of sport equipment to help them make their dream come true. Nike GK JR Grip goalkeeper gloves are the right pick of gloves for your children.

Product Details:

The new Nike GK JR Grip goalkeeper gloves are just the right choice for young players as they have adjustable fit and easy grip. The gloves have the signature and finest quality padding that provides utter comfort to the hands thus can be concluded as the best goalkeeper gloves of this range. The Nike goalkeeper gloves have smooth and even latex of 2mm that helps the palm as well as the fingers enhanced and simplified grip that has a good protection for impact. The design at the backhand is of molded latex that gives all round security and protection. The intricate design is very catchy and appeals to young players as well. It has an easy wrap-around fastener that has a loop and a hook too. This helps in protected fastening which is comfortable for almost all the available sizes. The conventional cut and design helps to maintain the posture of the hand even after handling severe attacks from the other players. The awesome fit and striking performance makes a player want it even more. These gloves give tremendous performance in all weather calamities.


The new Nike goalkeeper gloves for juniors provide an exclusive cap for the fingers and thumb which helps in better grip and support. These goalkeeper gloves have the customary and unique Nike cut which is soothing for the palm of a young goalkeeper. These gloves have long durability and they can be reused many times just after regular hand wash. The performance is enhanced after every wash and the gloves act like a new one. There is a Tri-Vario strap around the wrist of the user. This technology offers a perfect protection and adjustable fit. The Smooth hi-tech latex provide brilliant grip even on a muddy or wet ball. The wrap-around strap along the wrist helps easy adjustment even when the player is on the field.

Product Description:

Nike provides the best Goalkeeper gloves for junior players that assure the children of awesome performance and perfect fit. The gloves fit comfortably around the hands and provide a reliable grip even during long practice sessions. The 2mm smooth foam all over the gloves helps in customized performance of the young player. The latex on the backhand helps to support the impending impact of a ball. The new Nike GK JR Grip goalkeeper gloves infuse a new confidence and zeal within young players to play between the two bars. The gloves are solely designed for the comfort of the young goalkeepers.

Salient Features:

The new Nike goalkeeper gloves for young players are specially crafted out of 38% polyurethane, 22% EVA Foam and 31% neutral latex. It has a very little amount of nylon mixed in it to make it smoother. The new goalkeeper can be used in adverse weather conditions as it is specially designed with the 2mm latex foam to use in almost any weather conditions. These gloves are particularly made in China and can be worn by both male and female players.


Get Goalkeeper Gloves which are specially designed keeping in views the comfort of the enthusiastic children. These gloves have adjustable fit and are available in many sizes as well, such as sizes 4, 7 and 8. The Nike GK JR Grip goalkeeper gloves are available at a reasonable price so one can easily get these goalkeeper gloves for their aspiring young children.


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