Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper Gloves – Size 5

BBrine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper GlovesProduct Introduction:

The performance of a player is highly dependant on the products used by the player. Similarly a goalkeeper needs to make the right choice of Goalkeeper’s gloves as that is the most essential part of his play. Brine is one of the leading brands producing goalkeeper gloves. Just like the Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper Gloves, the company has offered a large number of products to the aspiring goalkeepers throughout the world. These gloves are great middle range products that are perfect for practice session use. The gloves have comfortable padding along with proper protection for the finger. The spines of the finger are firm yet flexible to provide ultimate comfort to the goalkeeper. These are sophisticated gloves and recommended not to be used in adverse conditions of the field.

Product Details:

The new Brine Triumph 3X are the best Goalkeeper Gloves known especially for its finger safe guard. Those guards are stiff and are not easily breakable. The body is made of good quality foam with synthetic latex all over. The foam helps in maintaining the proper posture of the hand even during rough play. The Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper gloves have a sporty look with an attractive shape that can fit smartly on the hands, resulting in excellent performance. The specialized finger save is the unique feature of these Brine Goalkeeper Gloves. The finger saves spines are crafted out of a strong and malleable material that can last for long. The latest backbone protection spines for finger are a new technology, redesigned for better play and comfort of the goalkeeper. The spines reduce hyper tension on the backhand muscles resulting in flexible and easy movement of the fingers.


The new Brine Triumph 3X is appreciated by many players due to its durability and finger spine feature. These goalkeeper gloves are mostly preferred for regular practice and rough use. These goalkeeper gloves are designed, keeping in vies about the breathability of the area in between the fingers. There are micro air-vents present within the gaps between the fingers that keeps those places devoid of unnecessary and quick sweating. The grip on the ball is highly effective as surface of these Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper gloves are made of the best quality latex. The latex is sticky and gives good performance in many good games with exact grip on the impact of the ball. The foam is undoubtedly the best among the lot but it hardly lasts for more than a couple of matches. The fastener is made of great Velcro that remains intact and maintains its position throughout the performance. The finger saves are a great advantage to the goalkeepers who can flexibly move the wrist and each finger individually without any problem.


Just like even Moon has Craters to obscure its beauty, the best things in the world come with flaws too. After 3 to 4 rough uses, parts of the superior quality foam might wear away, especially from the fingers as well as from parts of the palm. Mainly quick abrasion or erosion is caused by excess dirt and mud hence it is suggested to use these gloves carefully. Another major problem that the goalkeepers face is while putting on or taking off the gloves. They are designed to make this job a bit tricky and time elapsing for a goalkeeper. The Velcro lining around the fastener gives an itchy and uncomfortable feeling to the player. The latex sticks to the Velcro of the strap whenever the gloves are pulled off. This phenomenon results in quick scuffing of the sticky latex. The manufacturers have left no other options of putting them on or off so even the best goalkeeper gloves has this defect.


Brine is always ready to accept replacements if the gloves are found to be defective. Even if it wears away before the guaranteed period, the customer can expect to get goalkeeper gloves. Over all they are accepted throughout the world because they offer a special finger spine to protect fingers from frequent splints.


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