Goalkeeper gloves homeAmidst the growing competition in the field of sports, soccer has made its own significant mark. A game where scoring a goal or saving one makes a lifetime change for the team, the excellence of a goalkeeper is highly essential and valuable. The Goalkeeper gloves add perfection to the talents and skills of a goalkeeper. Now-a-days, goalkeeper gloves are easily available in various sizes and designs. A goalkeeper can get the best goalkeeper gloves to meet his purpose. A pair of goalkeeper gloves need to be highly durable as a goalkeeper is prone to practice in adverse weather conditions as well as unsuitable terrain. The goalkeeper gloves can be easily carried and worn around easily by the goalkeeper itself. Thus a goalkeeper wisely chooses the perfect pair of goalkeeper gloves from a wide range of products available from a number of leading brands.

A Detailed account on Goalkeeper Gloves

Any goalkeeper values his/her pair of goalkeeper gloves above everything else. There are many leading brands such as Reusch, Select, Uhlsport, Nike or Brine, who produce the best quality Goalkeeper Gloves to meet the requirements of a successful goalkeeper. Goalkeeper gloves can be easily fitted around the wrist and they are likely to stay intact throughout the session, maintaining the posture of the band bones and muscles. Goalkeeper Gloves are now available in various shades and sizes so from young players to pro, anyone can opt for their favorite pair of gloves from a number of products offered by the primary brands. The fabrics and foams are highly crucial factors of goalkeeper gloves as these are the features that judge the comfort and performance of a goalkeeper in a match.

Best Soccer Gloves For Goalkeepers Product Comparisons & Reviews

Goalkeeper Gloves Comparison
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Yellow, white, black
High quality and extremely soft latex
M1 Mega Grip foam, DURAGUARD foam patches, Ergonomic Palm Embossing
White, black
Absolutgrip latex palm, Extremely good all-around grip
Yellow, white
ABSOLUTGRIPPLUS, Extra protection with Schockzone - grips
Green, black
Flat cut design. Finger protection, Exceptional durability and grip
Reusch Soccer
3370805 - Lime
Whte, Green
Natural and synthetic latex mixture
Embossed foam design,
Red, White
Synthetic Latex,Soft PVC backing Embossed foam
V-notch elastic wrist closure, Expanse cut ,
Superior latex foam
Redesigned backbone finger-protection technology, Mesh between fingers
2mm smooth latex foam
Traditional cut, Wraparound wristband
White, Black
Soft Contact Latex
Thin layer of fabric on the inside, Includes finger protection
Select Sport America
Black, White, Purple
SF/C2 white Dura Foam grip
Flexible and good fit

Get Goalkeeper Gloves – Perfect & Trustworthy

A goalkeeper needs to be well aware of certain factors before getting goalkeeper gloves. They can easily get goalkeeper gloves from the local market or purchase online but the efficiency of the gloves has to be properly checked. There are some integral features of goalkeeper gloves that make them a goalkeeper’s favorite. Following are some important parameters of a goalkeeper’s gloves:


  • Latex: It is necessary to check the quality of latex provided by the gloves. Super Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Tec Goalie Glove1sticky hi-tech latex helps in easy impact on the soccer ball. The performance of the latex is further enhanced when the surface is moistened.
  • Foam: The goalkeeper gloves must be made of good quality natural foam. They form the external coating of the gloves and have to deal with severe weather conditions. Superior quality foam is devoid of abrasion due to sliding and other external injuries.
  • Fabric: The inner fabric of the gloves must be skin friendly with numerous micro air vents to allow the underlying skin to breathe. A goalkeeper has to keep his hands cool and reduce sweating to add to better performance.
  • Fastener: The fasteners of goalkeeper gloves play a vital role in maintaining the posture of the hand. It is wrapped around the wrist and one must see that it is not made of an itchy material.
  • Finger Spines: Finger spines are indispensible when we talk about goalkeeper gloves. They render the backhand support giving full flexibility to the fingers as well as the thumb. The spine rolls run up to the tip of the fingers.
  • Design: The unique design and color of the goalkeeper are also taken into consideration at times. Many of them prefer to display the brand logo as well.

Importance of Using Goalkeeper Gloves

The goalkeeper gloves may find extensive use in the life of a goalkeeper during his/her session. Here are some benefits listed:

  • The foremost reason for wearing goalkeeper gloves save unwanted goals in a Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalie Gloves BLACK WPURPLE1soccer match. We all know how important it is to save one goal in a match hence to infuse perfection in this field, goalkeeper gloves are widely used.
  • Goalkeeper gloves help to control the impact of the ball with modern Shockwave technology. They give a perfect backhand support as well as a sticky feel at the palm when a ball strikes the gloves with full force.
  • Goalkeeper gloves are made of strong foam and comfortable fabrics that saves the hand from any unwanted external injury. Without the goalkeeper gloves a goalkeeper would hurt his hands or palm.
  • The best quality goalkeeper gloves infuse a special strength in the hands and muscles of a goalkeeper. Thus he can easily tackle an impending ball and save a goal.
  • The goalkeeper gloves are available in various shapes and sizes so one can choose the gloves that fit them perfectly.
  • The design and color combination is also important. A goalie can opt for his favorite ones out of all the provided colors. There are varieties of sober as well as funky styled goalkeeper gloves.

Leading Brands selling Goalkeeper Gloves

In present days, getting goalkeeper gloves is an easy job and is just a click away. Several companies have sprung up with designer and technologically advanced goalkeeper gloves in the last few decades:

Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper Gloves-h1. Brine Triumph 3X Goalkeeper Gloves: The latest Brine Triumph 3 goalkeeper gloves are popularly known for its finger safe guard. The flexible guards are located behind along the back of the fingers and thumb. The unique finger rolls are crafted of bendable and strong materials that give a long term support. They are made of the best hi-tech latex that helps in firm grip. It has great synthetic foam that lasts for a long time. The Velcro at the fastening strap maintains the position of the gloves even in rough conditions. The finger saves are a good advantage for the goalkeepers who can freely move their wrist in desired direction during play.

Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Glove-h2. Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Glove: The new Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper gloves are designed especially for young children. The palm is made up of soft uneven cortex foam that helps is advanced gripping of the ball. The special foam gives better protection against rough surfaces. These gloves are specially designed for both regular use as well as match sessions. The expanse cut of these gloves help in proper fitting of the gloves. The foam of this new Select 03 Hard Ground Youth Goalkeeper Gloves is to offer improved protection against rugged surface. The company has taken special care on the design and color of these gloves as they are specially meant for youth players. These are unisex gloves and can inspire even a young lady to opt for goalkeeping.

Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalie Gloves BLACK WPURPLE-h3. Select 33 All Round Soccer Goalie Gloves: The Select 33 All Round Goalkeeper Gloves are designed out of SF/C2 durable foam to soothe the hands of a player while goalkeeping. The ball can be instantly held due to the flat cut of the palm surface. There are flexible finger spines along all the fingers and thumb to give improved support at the back. These finger rods are non-removable and give a hyper-extension support to the hand as well as the wrist. The Velcro bandage at the fastener gives a good extended support to the wrist and keeps the gloves in proper position. The gloves are spacious within the body and one can fit in a thin fabric gloves under these as well.

Reusch Keon Gloves-h4. Reusch Keon Gloves: The Reusch Keon gloves are crafted out of special EFT materials that give a better grip to the ball. The palms use a pro-flex technology that gives good flexibility to each finger. There are micro air vents present on the surface of the gloves which helps the underlying skin to breathe and keep the hands cool and refreshed. The easy pull loop along the fastener helps in easy pulling off the gloves. They have superior M1 quality foam that gives a good grip and super flexible performance. The ESS anatomic cut gives a perfect shape to the Reusch Keon Goalkeeper gloves. The latest MMS or Moist Management Technology makes it a goalkeeper’s favorite as it prevents excess sweating.

Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Glove-h5. Select 99 Hand Guard Goalkeeper Gloves: The latest Anatomical Slim Fit Technology of the Select 99 Hard Guard Goalkeeper Gloves makes it a personal favorite of a Goalkeeper. The edges of these gloves fit perfectly along the side of the hands providing exact shape to the hand. There are several small opening on the palm surface that helps in keeping the palm cool during a match. The best German latex is used to design the new Select 99Hand Guard Goalie Gloves. This spongy latex helps in a good grab on the impact of the ball. These gloves are available with detachable finger spines. So the player need not worry if the original ones wear away as they can be replaced by new ones as well. The German latex marks the durability and flexibility of the Select 99 Hand Guard Goalie Gloves.

Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves-h6. Reusch Argos Pro SG Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie: The Reusch Pro SG Ortho-Tec comes with a lining of natural foam that gives immense pleasure to the palm. The frequency of the foam makes the grip strong allowing maximum flexibility. The expanse is further enhanced by the Ortho-Tec feature of the new Reusch Argos Pro SG-Tec Soccer Gloves. Reusch provides a developed finger guard technology that can keep them in proper position if and when the impact of the ball is heavy on the gloves. The tiny opening on the surface of the palm helps in reducing excess sweating and keeps the hands cool. It has got adjustable strap that is an additional point to its specialty. These best goalkeeper gloves are made of artificial latex that lasts long and makes your practice session easy and relaxing.

NIKE GK JR GRIP (YOUTH)-h7. Nike GK JR Grip: The new Nike GK JR goalkeeper gloves are an inspiration to young kids. These goalkeeper gloves are provided with adjustable fit as well as comfortable grip factor. They are crafted out of 2mm thick finest latex. The back of the Nike GK JG goalkeeper gloves is also designed with latex to provide full support and grip. The smart Velcro strap is provided with a loop hook as well. The traditional Nike design helps to maintain the proper shape and posture of the goalkeeper, even after immense attacks. The salient features about these gloves are that they can adopt any weather condition. The Tri-Vario wrist fastener provides perfect protection and proper fit to the wrist. The hi-tech latex provides a brilliant grip even in rough or dusty topographic conditions.

Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Glove-h8. Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves: The Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip has the traditional trademark of Uhlsport with advanced grip. Although the design is same as the previous products but the finger rolls are new inclusions. A smart mesh technology designs the finger rolls that help to keep the hands cool and agile throughout 90 minutes in a game. The little loop around the fastener is provided with a zip for easy wearing and removing of the gloves. The fastener gives immense support to the wrist bone as well as the base of the palm. A modern Shock-zone technology features the upper half of the gloves that help in increasing the punching powers. The Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip can adapt any weather condition.

Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho Tec Goalie Glove-h9. Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho-Tec Goalie Gloves: The Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves have the advanced Shock-Shield Feature that is essential for taming the impact of the ball. They give a flexible movement of the hand due to the Ortho-Tec finger supports. The thumb has a roll thumb along with thumb flex that is essential during saving a ball. The durability of the Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves is appreciated globally as the brand never compromises with its resilience and flexibility.

Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip RF-h10. Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves: The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Roll Finger gloves are an admixture of the traditional CERBERUS cut and the Roll-Finger feature by ABSOLUTGRIP. The backhand is further designed with good quality latex that facilitates to check the excess impact of the ball on the hand. The roll-fingers on top are designed out of good quality latex that helps in easy and smooth movement of the hand. Further protection is rendered due to presence of the SHOCKZONE which is useful while gripping the ball and helping with better flexibility.